Below are several video features from Peacherine’s recording, concert and silent film activities.

George Gershwin’s Swanee (1919) featuring vocals by William Edwards.
PRSO Music Video – “The Aba Daba Honeymoon” (1914) by Fields & Donovan. Vocals by William Edwards.
PRSO Music Video – “The St. Louis Blues” (1914) by W.C. Handy. Solos by Adam Swanson & Ben Lostocco.
PRSO Music Video – “Stayin’ Alive (Ragtime Cover)” by The Bee Gees. Vocals by William Edwards.
PRSO Music Video – “Take On Me (Ragtime Cover)” by A-Ha. Vocals by William Edwards.
“Think Silent Films Are Boring? Watch Them Like This” – Youtube Viral Video Talking About PRSO’s Silent Film Performances with Live Orchestra.
Video Feature by Rivermont Records showing behind-the-scenes of our recording sessions for “Jazzin’ The Blues Away”, our latest CD!
PRSO’s Highlight Reel for 2019.
Peacherine with silent films – Harold Lloyd’s NEVER WEAKEN.
Peacherine with silent films – Charlie Chaplin’s THE PAWNSHOP

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Special Scott Joplin Program! Ragtime Concert program at St. Michael’s Cemetery, 7202 Astoria Blvd S, Elmhurst, NY. FREE! For more information, visit: or email Ed Berlin at

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Jazzin' The Blues Away (NEW)!

Music from the Johnny Maddox Collection (BSW-2251). Includes the Pine Apple Rag, The Aba Daba Honeymoon, music selections by James Scott, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and more! $20 USD

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Elite Syncopations CD

Favorites from the Ragtime Era (BSW-2242). PRSO's third CD featuring a variety of ragtime favorites, including The Entertainer, Alexander's Ragtime Band, and more! $20 USD.