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The music performed by the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra draws from an amazing collection of historic sheet music, totaling over 12,000 titles from 1862 to 1930. All of this material is used in PRSO’s concert and silent film activities. For more information on each of the collections we use, see below.

Some of the music from our collections are available for rental, please see the “Score Rentals” portion of our website for more information.

Orchestra Collections:

The John S. Maddox Theater Orchestra Collection

This incredible 1,200 piece collection of historic American popular music represents over four decades of American music from the 1880s through the 1920s, and features rare original compositions and arrangements of major American composers, including Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Joe Jordan, and many others. Many of PRSO’s concert programs are built directly from this incredible collection.

Johnny Maddox (b. 1927) is one of the leading ragtime piano players of all time. Mr. Maddox has sold over 11 million records, with 9 gold singles, has a star on Hollywood Boulevard, and has performed with musicians including Patsy Cline, W.C. Handy, Joe Jordan, Lawrence Welk, Ted Lewis, Tony Pastor, among others. Mr. Maddox collected the orchestrations throughout his lifetime and preserved these in his own immense collection of American popular music.


The Arthur C. Ziegler Collection

This music collection, acquired in 2011, features 500 rare and hard-to-find orchestrations, primarily focusing on the concert stage and film accompaniment. Included in the Ziegler collection are selections and overtures from the works of Victor Herbert, Jerome Kern, Louis A. Hirsch, and dozens of other luminaries of the theatre, over 100 original silent film accompaniment ‘cues’, and over 200 classical music selections. The collection originally belonged to Violinist and Conductor Arthur C. Ziegler, who at one time was principal 1st Violinist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


The Andrew B. Greene Collection

This incredible collection of over 6000 original orchestrations has been collected by Peacherine’s founder and conductor Andrew Greene. The bulk of the collection is the mainstay of Peacherine’s concerts: Ragtime and dance music selections, focusing on the ‘rag’ and the works of composers like John Philip Sousa, George M. Cohan, Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, James Scott, and George Gershwin. Also represented in this collection are over 2000 pieces of piano/vocal scores.


The Palm Leaf Ragtime Orchestra Collection

This collection, generously donated by Galen Wilkes, originally was the mainstay of the Palm Leaf Ragtime Orchestra [1985-1991], based in California. The selections in this collection represent classic ragtime, along with compositions originally composed and arranged by Mr. Wilkes for use with his orchestra.


The Silver Cornet Ragtime Orchestra Collection

The Silver Cornet Ragtime Orchestra frequented venues in California during the 1970s, and their music was acquired by the PRSO in 2016. The collection features a variety of popular music, ragtime, songs, and other favorites from the 1890s through the 1920s. Notable pieces include an ultra-rare original copy of Joplin’s Maple Leaf Rag for orchestra, selections by James Scott, the hits of Irving Berlin, and other notable composers.

Piano/Vocal Sheet Music Collections:

The Louis H. Burns Jr. Collection

Louis H. Burns Jr.
This collection, generously donated by Philip Burns in March 2014, was originally the collection of Louis Henry Burns Jr., a musician from Kansas City. His collection totals over 3,000 selections of music, ranging from the 1890s through the 1970s. The collection is vast, and includes a wide selection of ragtime, popular numbers, early jazz, classical selections, novelties, and more.

Orchestration Examples:

Ragtime music makes up the bulk of our collections, and we have a variety of popular and unknown selections from the 1880s through the 1920s. Above is Clarence Wiley’s “Car-Barlick-Acid”, a peppy cake walk from 1907.

Some of our collections feature incredibly rare theater orchestrations, including Henry Fillmore’s “Slim Trombone” (1918). While the piece is quite common in band repertoire, the stock orchestrations from the time period are incredibly hard to come by. Even the Library of Congress doesn’t have this one!

Scott Joplin’s music is well represented in our varied collections. We have most of the published stock orchestrations of his music, including Joplin’s beautiful “Magnetic Rag”. Notice the small “cues” in the part to represent the various counter-melodies found throughout.

We also feature a lot of theater music in our programs, many of which haven’t been heard off of their original scores in almost 100 years. Included in this is the music of George Gershwin, seen here in the stock orchestration for “I’ll Build A Stairway To Paradise” (1922).


Do you have sheet music/orchestrations from the era? If so, contact us at, call 443-694-4116, or use the form on the “Contact Us” portion of our site.

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That Teasin’ Rag CD

Vintage American Arrangements from the Ragtime Era (BSW-2215) PRSO’s first CD! Compilation of ragtime, theatre, and dance music. $20 USD

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The Ragtime and Dance Music of Mel B. Kaufman (BSW-2234). PRSO's second CD featuring music by the "King of the One Step." $20 USD.

Elite Syncopations CD

Favorites from the Ragtime Era (BSW-2242). PRSO's third CD featuring a variety of ragtime favorites, including The Entertainer, Alexander's Ragtime Band, and more! $20 USD.