Peacherine’s Stage and Screen Spectacular

Preserve Culturally Important American Popular Music and Bring Peacherine’s first all-digital video program to life!

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The Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra invites you to be a part of preserving America’s popular music culture, as we create our brand new digital video release, Peacherine’s Stage And Screen Spectacular!

This one hour digitally recorded concert program, to be filmed later this summer, will feature some of the “greatest hits” of the early 20th century. Beginning with sparkling vocal and instrumental favorites, the program closes with a silent comedy short accompanied by Peacherine with an authentic musical score and sound effects.

Several selections on the program will be recorded for the first-time ever from their original period orchestrations, and we’ll be highlighting the contributions of American composers, notably Scott Joplin, Eubie Blake, and George Gershwin. We’ll also be recording our next modern pop cover, Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.  Our Stage and Screen Spectacular will be filmed and recorded by Arts Laureate – the company that has recorded every Peacherine album and music video since 2015. Click the below links to see/hear some of our previous collaborations:

Our fundraiser on Fractured Atlas covers a significant portion of this project’s costs, including musician fees, venue rental for shooting the video, and film licensing. Thanks to several donors, we already have raised almost $10,000, and have received $6,000 worth of in-kind donations towards making this program happen, and your help will take us to the finish line and bring this project to life.

Please visit our page on Fractured Atlas, make a tax-deductible donation and receive backer rewards, share our campaign with your friends, and be a part of the movement to preserve, record, and share culturally important American popular music from the turn of the last century with an international audience.

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July 25, 2020 – Online Everywhere – 7:00 PM EDT

Peacherine’s Online Music Festival! Peacherine and some of the finest ragtime, novelty, boogie-woogie and stride pianists today perform for you a two hour virtual concert program that you can view in your living room. We’ll be streaming concurrently on Facebook and Youtube:

Peacherine’s Stage and Screen Spectacular
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Jazzin' The Blues Away (NEW)!

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