Silent Film Shows

The PRSO prides itself in their authentic performances of silent films. Hear and see the films as they were originally presented at their debut!

Comedy Shorts Film Programs

Masters of Silent Comedy – A comical combination of classics! Choose between the films of Charlie Chaplin, Charley Chase, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy, and Monty Banks, for an evening of movie and music fun. Our Most Popular Silent Film Program!

Spooky Silents: A Silent Film Halloween – Our spooky Halloween program combines three ghostly comedy classics, Buster Keaton’s THE HAUNTED HOUSE,Charlie Chaplin’s THE ADVENTURER., and Laurel & Hardy’s HABEUS CORPUS, and a condensed version of our concert program, all played live. Offered in October and November. Bring the kids in costume!

Christmas At The Silent Movies! – Our delightful Holiday program combines several Edison shorts telling the classic Christmas stories: A CHRISTMAS CAROL and THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, along with two comedy classics, Buster Keaton’s The Frozen North (1922) and the 1929 Laurel & Hardy short BIG BUSINESS. Combined with several Christmas themed ragtime selections, this is a delightful yuletide potpourri!

Feature Film Programs

Douglas Fairbank’s The Mark of Zorro (1920) – One of cinema’s greatest swashbucklers! Follow the adventures of Don Diego de la Vega, as he dons the mask and becomes Zorro, the hero of Spanish California. Featuring a beautiful Spanish-tinged score, have your audiences cheer on Zorro in the film that inspired Batman, Errol Flynn, and all the swashbucklers that followed!

Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last (1923) – One of the most iconic silent films of the roaring 20s jumps back to life with our 20s score! When Harold Lloyd hears that a store manager will pay $1,000 to anyone who can draw people to his store, he convinces his friend, the “human fly,” to climb the building and split the profit with him. But when his pal gets in trouble with the law, he must complete the crazy stunt on his own! Featuring one of the most iconic images of the silent era, Harold hangs off the clock in this comedy feature spectacular.

F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922) – Get into the spooky Halloween mood with the classic silent film Nosferatu the way it was intended to be seen, accompanied by a live orchestra! Released in 1922, Nosferatu is considered one of the most foreboding and influential horror films in the history of cinema. In this first-ever screen adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, what is supposed to be a simple real estate transaction leads an intrepid businessman deep into the heart of Transylvania, and the castle of the otherworldly Count Orlok, portrayed by the legendary Max Schreck in a performance which has spawned its own mythology. But is the Count just the wealthy eccentric that he appears to be or something much more sinister? Accompanied with our hauntingly beautiful score!

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Samples of Silent Film Accompaniment

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