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Vinyl 78 RPM Disc – Knockout Drops/That International Rag (Rivermont 595)

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Audiophiles rejoice! Peacherine is proud to release our first 78 rpm record! This vinyl 78 features two musical selections, Knockout Drops (1910) by F. Henri Klickmann and That International Rag (1913) by Irving Berlin, featuring William Edwards on vocals. The sleeve art is designed by Joe Busam. These selections will ONLY be released on 78, so if you are a Peacherine “completionist”, record collector, or general music fan, this record is for you! Limited edition pressing of 300 copies.

NOTE: This 10-inch audiophile-grade 78 rpm vinyl record was mastered and pressed in the USA with superb audio fidelity. It is a stereo microgroove record intended for use on turntables equipped with light-weight stereophonic pickups and is not suitable for use with antique wind-up phonographs.

Elite Syncopations: Favorites from the Ragtime Era (BSW-2242)


“Their level of talent, precision, and overt enthusiasm is equal to, if not surpassing any ragtime orchestra of its size performing today.” – Jack Rummel Ragtime Reviews
“One of the finest groups of its kind… impeccably performed.” – Scott Yanow, The Syncopated Times
Ragtime, the uniquely American, syncopated musical style, captures the energy and romanticism of life during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. On this, the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra’s third album, we seek to explore some of America’s most celebrated ragtime-era works, alongside forgotten and rediscovered favorites, performed as audiences would have heard them over a century ago. Featuring twenty-two (22) numbers (70 minutes), this album premiers several never-before recorded orchestrations besides classics by Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan, and the creators of America’s first popular music. Andrew Greene, director of the PRSO, contributes a 24 page booklet of liner notes on the tracks, including rare photographs, sheet music covers, and more. Featuring Max Keenlyside, pianist, and William Edwards, vocalist.
    • 1. Ragtime Soldier Man (1912) by Irving Berlin
    • 2. At A Georgia Camp Meeting (1897) by Kerry Mills
    • 3. Elite Syncopations (1902) by Scott Joplin
    • 4. You’re A Grand Old Flag (1906) by George M. Cohan
    • 5. Charleston Rag (c. 1899) by Eubie Blake
    • 6. Floatin’ Down To Cotton Town (1919) by F. Henri Klickmann
    • 7. Semper Fidelis (1888) by John Philip Sousa
    • 8. Fido Is A Hot Dog Now (1914) by Raymond Walker
    • 9. The Entertainer (1902) by Scott Joplin
    • 10. He’d Have To Get Under, Get Out And Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile) (1913) by Maurice Abrahams
    • 11. Grace and Beauty (1909) by James Scott
    • 12. The Silver Swan (c. 1914) by Scott Joplin
    • 13. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1911) by Irving Berlin
    • 14. Desecration Rag (Rag Humoresque) (1914) by Felix Ardnt
    • 15. Delectation: Valse Hesitation (1914) by Walter Rolfe
    • 16. Jazarella (1919) by Larry Briers
    • 17. Alabama Jubilee (1915) by George L. Cobb
    • 18. Beale Street (1917) by W.C. Handy
    • 19. Oh Slip It Man: Trombone Novelty (1916) by N.C. Davis
    • 20. Frog-I-More Rag (c. 1908) by Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton
    • 21. At The Moving Picture Ball (1920) by Jos. Santly
    • 22. Tiger Rag: Jazz One Step (1917) by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band
  • Total Time: 70:00

Listen to previews from Elite Syncopations:

Step With Pep: The Ragtime and Dance Music of Mel B. Kaufman (BSW-2234)


Mel B. Kaufman (1879-1932), the “King of the One Step,” was one of the most popular and prolific composers of syncopated dance music in the 1910s and early ’20s. His work was featured by such bandleaders as Vincent Lopez, Earl Fuller, Eugene Jaudas, Charles Prince, and Joseph C. Smith, and his lively, catchy melodies found their way into the soundtracks of hundreds of films and animated cartoons well into the 1950s. This first-ever CD devoted to Kaufman’s music features twenty-five (25) numbers (68 minutes), including several selections recorded for the first time. All of the pieces are performed off the original orchestrations using antique instruments and authentic performance techniques. Andrew Greene, director of the PRSO and the world’s leading authority on Mel B. Kaufman, contributes an in-depth essay on Kaufman’s life and work in the accompanying 40-page booklet, which also includes dozens of rare photographs and original sheet music cover art, a comprehensive Kaufman discography, filmography, and more. Featuring Richard Dowling, pianist, and William Edwards, vocalist.

A real contribution in bringing back an American original.” – John Thornton, Documentarian

Wonderful, toe tapping fun!… A stunning second album by this ensemble.” – Itunes Review, August 2015

    • 1. Shoot (1925)
    • 2. Introduce Me (1916)
    • 3. Pick a Chicken (1914)
    • 4. Big Ben (1912)
    • 5. I’m A Sentimental Dreamer (1921)
    • 6. Taxi (1919)
    • 7. More Candy (1917)
    • 8. Persian Moon (1919)
    • 9. Good Scout (1915)
    • 10. It’s a Bird (1917)
    • 11. Umbrellas To Mend (1917)
    • 12. Magnolia Bloom (1925)
    • 13. Squidulum (1931)
    • 14. Step With Pep (1916)
    • 15. Muslin Rag (1918)
    • 16. Bing! Bing! (1915)
    • 17. Yah-De-Dah (1917)
    • 18. Pack Me Up in Your Heart (1920)
    • 19. Gangway (1926)
    • 20. Saucy (1929)
    • 21. C.O.D. (Come On Dance) (1916)
    • 22. Listen to This (1916)
    • 23. Some Break! (1931)
    • 24. Me-ow: Song (1919)
    • 25. Me-ow (1918)
  • Total Time: 68:00

That Teasin’ Rag: Vintage American Arrangements from the Ragtime Era (BSW-2215)

OUT OF PRINT. Please download the album via iTunes or!

PRSO’s first recording, featuring American music from 1893 to 1920. This highly praised CD features 63 minutes of ragtime treats, dancing from the rags of Scott Joplin to songs by Irving Berlin, novelties by George L. Cobb, and the delightful works of Stephen Foster and more!. That Teasin’ Rag includes several selections recorded for the first time ever, and is our tribute to American ragtime, theatre, and dance music. Add it to your collection today!

One of the most satisfying ragtime orchestra collections available.” – Rob Bamberger, Hot Jazz Saturday Night

  • 1. Me-Ow: One Step (1918) by Mel B. Kaufman
  • 2. The Syncopated Walk (Intro: Show Us How To Do The Fox Trot) (1915) by Irving Berlin – From Watch Your Step! (1914)
  • 3. The Peacherine Rag (1901) by Scott Joplin
  • 4. Harmony Rag (1911) by Hal G. Nichols
  • 5. In Dahomey: Cake Walk (1901) by Al Johns
  • 6. Hiawatha: A Summer Idyll (1902) by Charles N. Daniels
  • 7. The Grand Review: March (1912) by F.W. Stimson
  • 8. That Teasin’ Rag (1909) by Joe Jordan
  • 9. Hallelujah Trombone: One Step (1920) by Henry Fillmore
  • 10. Maple Leaf Rag (1899) by Scott Joplin
  • 11. Hesitation Waltz (1913) by F. Henri Klickmann
  • 12. Gems of Stephen Foster: An American Fantasia (1914) by Theodore M. Tobani
  • 13. The Lion Tamer/On Parade March (1893) by John Philip Sousa
  • 14. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (Intro: Ragtime Cowboy Joe) (1912) by Lewis F. Muir & Maurice Abrahams
  • 15. Russian Rag: Interpolating the World Famous “Prelude” by Rachmaninoff (1918) by George L. Cobb
  • 16. The Yellow Dog Rag (1914) by W.C. Handy
  • 17. Stop It! One Step (1919) by Mel B. Kaufman
  • 18. Selections from “Fifty Miles From Boston” (1907) By George M. Cohan
    Total Time: 63:00
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PRSO 78 - Knockout Drops and That International Rag

PRSO's first Vinyl 78. (BSW-595) $15 USD

Step With Pep CD

The Ragtime and Dance Music of Mel B. Kaufman (BSW-2234). PRSO's second CD featuring music by the "King of the One Step." $20 USD.

Elite Syncopations CD

Favorites from the Ragtime Era (BSW-2242). PRSO's third CD featuring a variety of ragtime favorites, including The Entertainer, Alexander's Ragtime Band, and more! $20 USD.